Jef Nickerson was born and raised on Cape Cod. He is the eldest of four, with a sister and two brothers still on the Cape. Upon graduation from Barnstable High School, Jef hightailed it up to Boston to be a hipster with all the other cool kids. Jef lived in various parts of Boston for 8 years with a brief foray to Portland, Maine to go to art school.

While in Boston, Jef worked in marketing and public relations at Gamewright, a maker of childrens’ games. After exhausting all the resources Boston had to offer, he packed up and took the Acela to New York City to seek fame and fortune or some pizza or something.

In New York he lived the bridge and tunnel life in Queens, working and playing in Manhattan. Jef worked in Human Resources for Brooks Brothers in New York and cherished all the wonderfully cheap clothing he was able to procure at sample sales. He still has some of it and it is true, the classics never go out of style.

Jef currently resides on Federal Hill in Providence, Rhode Island. In 2006 he founded the website, Greater City Providence. GCPVD promotes the best practices of urban growth and development in Providence. Jef has a keen interest in urban development, design, and preservation.

Jef is a bit eccentric in that he walks everywhere (no, he did not lose his license in an unfortunate drink driving incident). Somehow, he manages to live car-free in Providence. It is not always easy, but it saves money and the air, and you can thank him for that later.

You can often find Jef at various community meetings scribbling in a note pad or looking pained and bored or playing solitaire on his iPhone or all of the above. He also spends his time eating his weight in ice cream, drinking mass quantities of coffee, and sipping cocktails at local watering holes. He would be happy to have you buy him a Manhattan or an ice cream. For making the air cleaner, and all.